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Lorenzo Villoresi story

Lorenzo Villoresi Perfumes Florence

After his first trip to the Middle East in 1981, Lorenzo Villoresi grows a passion for spices and essences that he would use, back in Italy, to create original pot-pourris and personalized perfumes.

At the same time he begins his learning on perfumery, essences, techniques of distillation, including multiple experimental compositions of tinctures, infusions, and other aromatics.

In the course of the eighties, along with an academic career as a researcher in Ancient Philosophy, scents and perfumery become the real passion of Lorenzo Villoresi.

The business activity begins in 1990 when the anew born “Lorenzo Villoresi” firm receives an important order of pot-pourrit, scented candles and room scents from the Fendi house of fashion. Following multiple significant projects with famous names of the fashion industry. In 1993 the initial collection of Perfumes and Eau de Toilettes making the Lorenzo Villoresi brand recognizable.

The first two fragrances are named simply Uomo and Donna. Centering primary on his original collection and less on the private label projects, Lorenzo Villoresi creates a number of “monothematic” scents as his personal interpretation of classic perfumery themes: Musk, Sandalo, Patchouli, Spezie, Wild Lavender, are all defined by highly complex formulas and plentiful use of refined natural ingredients.

More recently a new collection inspired by “olfactory visions” that recall exotic and dreaming worlds, atmospheres, landscapes like Piper Nigrum, (the spice route), Teint de Neige (the sophisticated beauty of the Belle Epoque), Dilmun (a Mesopotamian paradise), Yerbamate (an endless prairie with wild herbs and flowers), Alamut (a rich and sumptuous Oriental fragrance) Iperborea (a fresh-soft fragrance inspired by a legendary people of the Great North), Theseus (a fresh, radiant, sunny fragrance, evocative of ancient adventures) and in September 2012 Aura Maris, the sea breeze, the first fragrance of the Mare Nostrum Collection, inspired to the Mediterranean Sea concept.

In 2006 Lorenzo Villoresi wins the international perfumery award “Prix Coty” in Paris, the most important recognition of the artistic career of a perfumer.

Between 2005 and 2006 the renovation works in the old family palace in via de’ Bardi started. The palace will host an academy of perfumery, with courses, lectures, workshops etc. all around the world of fragrances. There will also be an aromatic garden, a cafeteria, a shop and a collection of rare and unusual essences. 

The unmistakable style of Lorenzo Villoresi’s creations is obtained with very structured formulas and with intense, soft and embracing notes that go through the entire olfactory pyramid.

From the beginnings of our business we have worked on the development of the products in our collections and, above all, on those which would later become the core of our production: the essences, that is, the ranges of extracts, essential oils, resins and other aromatic substances that make up the basis of all the perfumes and Eau de Toilette in our collections, as well as our bath and air-fragrancing products.

The soul of a perfume house can only be the fragrance itself, the creation of scents and its philosophy, the artistic feeling that acts as its guide. It is that magical alchemy of aromatic substances designed to awaken emotions, passions and feelings, and to evoke travel in lands which are unknown and imaginary but have always been the object of our dreams and desires. It is about visions, sensations and fantasy landscapes, in absolute freedom of space and time.


Incensi Lorenzo villoresi

An ancient ritual. Pure sap spilling from the tree, natural and balsamic. Evoking journeys along the spices trail. Enchantment of moonlight ceremonies. Fresh notes of sour Apple and Orange blossoms. Touched with Myrrh, Poppy and resinous Woods.

Head notes
Green notes, elemi, galbanum, apple, lemon, bergamot
Heart notes
Cinnamon, labdanum, juniper, mimosa, pepper
Base notes
Benzoin, incense, myrrh, styrax, tolu, opoponax, sandalwood


Lorenzo Villoresi Fragrance Perfume Florence Theseus

A fresh, radiant, sunny fragrance, evocative of ancient adventures, elegant and timeless. Citrus fruit, spices and aromatic resins. The seductive aroma of exotic woods and flowers, overflowing with delicate fragrances.

Top notes
Citrus, fresh green notes, bergamot, black pepper, clary sage, nutmeg, flowers
Heart notes
Flowers, iris, jasmine, patchouli, vetiver, cistus
Base notes
Leather, vetiver, patchouli, agarwood, tonka bean, amber, musk