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411 Intenso, 611 Extremo, 811 Absoluto, Giovanna Antonelli parfums, Fragrance, Perfume, France, Niche perfumery

What woman has never dreamed of wearing a perfume specially created for her? A perfume tailor-made, which defines her, reveals, and sublimates her, makes her unique and brings her to light. A supreme luxury to which she had always dreamed; Inaccessible, it thought. And yet, at the turn of a meeting with the company COURTOIS/MOUROT Parfums, slowly her idea to give life to this wonderful desire was drawn.

Little by little she began to imagine perfumes that would be part of a culture of excellence, absolute creativity and refinement. Close to her story, her imagination and her emotions ... Intense, extreme and delicate fragrances, apart from the "uniform" perfumes that would be signed, easy to identify and easy to wear, that would mark the place, Minds, memories.

She decided to create a first collection of 3 perfumes - touching, powerful, "inhibrihating". Captivating creations, which would accompany her along the day, her desires, her dreams, her travels. She naturally drew her inspiration from her cities of election. Cities where she feel free, she feel myself living and that remind her so many memories. Her collection pays tribute to Rio of course, "her" city, but also to Sao Paulo the "electric" and Paris, the city of light of know-how, and elegance. Quite naturally also, she wanted to associate the "11", my fetish number symbol of love, joy and abundance to my dream of perfume.

It was natural to launch her olfactive adventure in France, country of perfume par excellence where talented artisans of Art have no equal to sublimate the precious waters and turn them into objects of desire. Thus, as an obvious, in collaboration with the company COURTOIS/MOUROT Parfums, she selected in France, with careful attention all the partners of creation and manufacture: designer, decorator, perfumer, glassmaker, cartonnier, conditioner.

Her perfumes carry the project of lifting you up, bring up as an emotional puzzle, a moment of suspended grace, an intimate emotion hidden, linked to a magical place. A city, a place, a place loaded with a particular aura that will tirelessly tears you out of your routine, will make you breathe, live, feel, feel more intensely.


COURTOIS/MOUROT Parfums - Paris:


“Giovanna inspired and captivated us like a muse can inspire a painter. This hypersensitive, delicate, elegant and generous artist; her fascination for the finest raw materials and beautiful fragrances motivated us to reach excellence.


We are happy and proud to have guided the curious and passionate "woman" in order to let us express her vision of the perfume, create in the rule of Art and the purest tradition of French perfumery, her first collection of exclusive fragrances.


Dive into her scented world and let yourself be surprised ...”

Originally is matter

411 Intenso, 611 Extremo, 811 Absoluto, Giovanna Antonelli parfums, Fragrance, Perfume, France, Niche perfumery

She have always believed that the finest raw materials, the finest essences, and the genius of the perfumers-creators to combine them, was the secret of fine perfumes. Thus, she worked in the greatest confidentiality with 3 "noses" (perfumers) of the company Made in Paris. They took the time to listen to my inner vibrations, selected, capture and freeze with extreme care the pure state of matter. They assembled and composed, recomposed and tirelessly refined the notes, not hesitating to put a hundred times the bouquets on the table of work and always in the rules of the art, so that the magic operates and signs this extraordinary journey.


Rather than a "classic" packaging there was created a hand-crafted box to welcome perfumes. It is immaculate white. It highlights a golden metal label, as a tribute to the golds of the Rio Teatro Municipal whose silhouette is reminiscent of that of the Paris Opera Garnier, thus creating a bridge between France and Brazil. Each perfume is carefully assembled by hand.


The bottle cap, is made as an echo of the skyscrapers of Rio and Sao Paulo, a clear and transparent glass bottle, with straight, pure and contemporary lines, reveals the precious elixir. It is capped with a very heavy cap in zamak metal, lacquered; wink at the aluminum and steel structures of these megalopolises. It is also adorned - like the hand-crafted packaging/box, with a golden metal label.

411 Intenso

411 Intenso, Giovanna Antonelli parfums, Fragrance, Perfume, France, Niche perfumery

This powerful composition is timelessly elegant. Its fresh, sparkling head notes, its floral heart and a chypre background reveal a sensual and seductive character.


Inspiration: Tribute to the "Palais Royal" in Paris


This Eau de Parfum was inspired by the Palais-Royal, a landmark of Parisian life, "a little" suranne, where still float the spirits of Molière, Colette, Cocteau and yet violently contemporary still float ... La Comédie Française, the romantic gardens and the shops of yesterday and today sheltered under arcades in row. It is one of the most charming corners of the city of light, naturally chic, without ostentation. GIOVANNA loves it!


"Giovanna reminded me of a woman in love with beauty, feminine, a little theatrical, who likes beautiful classical things and appropriates them by modernizing them. In my opinion, his perfume must have been a floral cyprus.", -  Julie Masse, perfumer.

611 Extremo

611 Extremo, Giovanna Antonelli parfums, Fragrance, Perfume, France, Niche perfumery

This "juice" is a generous bouquet of white flowers with a sweet head note like talc, a green and fresh heart and a background dominated by licorice scents that give it its youthful and dynamic character.

Inspiration : The "Jardim Botanico" in Rio de Janeiro

The Rio Botanical Garden blossoms at the foot of the Corcovado, in the heart of the Carioca city. majestic trees, exuberant tropical plants and collections of rare orchids, this is a haven of serenity just a short distance from the vibrant beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. As a true nature lover, Giovanna wished to dedicate a perfume to this extraordinary green lung where she loves to walk with her children.

"Giovanna is a pure Carioca, joyful, generous, radiant. She inspired me a fragrance dominated by an urban tuberous and vibrant. A fragrance with sensual and spicy notes for an unforgettable trail.", - Cecile Matton, perfumer.

811 Absoluto

811 Absoluto, Giovanna Antonelli parfums, Fragrance, Perfume, France, Niche perfumery

With its oriental notes that leave a trail of honey raised with ruddy saffron and intoxicating rum, this perfume expresses an alchemy of incredible sensuality. It was especially designed, dreamt, created like and absolute seductive weapon.

Inspiration: Immersion in the heart of Sampa

Gigantic urban jungle, Sao Paulo is a very creative and cosmopolitan city open to the world: a tropical New York. “Sampa”, as its inhabitants call her, exudes a formidable vitality mixed with "dolce vita". Giovanna wished to salute this epicurean who reinventes herself relentlessly by offering her its most powerful perfume because it is here that the heart of Brazil beats the strongest!

"I wanted to create a voluptuous, intoxicating and full-bodied signature that reflects the temperament of fire, both magnetic and sensual" Gio "and whose silky floral heart is gradually unveiled. “, - Mathilde Bijaoui, perfumer.

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